Wet'N Wild Lipstick Review

Hello Loves. Let's talk makeup. Lipsticks to be exact. I will be reviewing Wet'N Wild's Muavve Outta Here/Rose Flamboyant today. 

Price: $1.00-$1.50 
Retailers: Walgreens,CVS, Rite Aid or any  store that sells Wet'N Wild 

This color on the lipstick looks like it would a darker, and softer pink.

So I bought thinking it would be appropriate for the work place without going overboard with lipstick and looking like clown.  
So I bought this color just see how it would look once applied to my lips and bam, it is a sutle pink.

 Almost looks like a fuschia color but I swear it looks more pink than anything.

This color is beautiful, would wear and purchase again.
Pros: beautiful color, price 
Cons: 3-4 hours to reapply product again
Above is myself wearing the lipstick and the actual lipstick product as well.