What about Cardigans?!

Hello Loves. Ruby here. Today we talking cardigans. Yes those are the ones you wear when it's not too cold outside or when you want to stay in at home, everyone wears them differently and at different times and places. Usually cardigans are more of a spring item for those living in California know what I am talking about.

There are different types of cardigans. From waist length to the boyfriend cardigan. Different styles and different colors for every type of women and men out there. Yes there are cardigans for men too! 

Here are some Do and Don'ts for Cardigans. Follow these basic guidelines you should look FABULOUS for LESS. (Thank for Babble and Pinterest for creating this, I am reposting this.FYI)

The Waist-length Cardigan. This the most common and classic type of cardigan out there. These cardigans come in about every color and range from as low as 10.99 to higher. 

         DON'T                                                                                                                              DO

 DON'T: Do not pair any cardigan of this style with a longer shirt length than the actual cardigan itself. It give you a weird body shape and make you bigger than you are. Show off those curves.

DO: Show off those curves. Pair the Waist-length Cardigan  with fitted dress or even a long skirt underneath.

The Oversized Cardigan. This the most common cardigan used in the Fall/Winter time or anytime it's cold. These oversized cardigans come also in variety colors and designs. The Aztec design like the one the model is using below was among the most popular this Fall and Winter.

       DON'T                                                                                                                           DO

DONT: Do not wear with the popular Boyfriend jeans or the Summer Maxi skirts. The loose fitting clothes for your bottom half are a NO-NO! It will make you wider and look huge.

DO: Pair them with skinny jeans or even if you stay from demin wear leggings or jeggings. I think pairing them with leggings will be the most comfortable fit. The skinny jeans or the leggings will make you slim and show off those curves without showing too much. It's just leg :)

The Wrap Cardigan. This one is very similar to the over-sized cardigan except it has a shorter front instead it being long all around. I have one these and it's a bittersweet cardigan.  Sometimes it feels like its crop top cardigan.

          DON'T                                                                                                                           DO

DON'T: Do not wear with a skirt  or even a dress. It will make you look like your skirt or dress look shorter. It gives that illusion that you have a longer torso and short legs. Its weird, I know. 

DO: Pair with your favorite skinny jeans. It will even out the length of your upper body with your fitted bottom pants. Flatters your figure.

My favorite the Boyfriend Cardigan. Nor only because it is a long length but because it perfect with just about anything. 

Boyfriend Cardigan <3                             DON'T                                                                  DO

DON'T: Do not wear any loose fitting clothing. Ex: Short puffy dresses, loose fitting maxi summer dresses or even skirts. This does not flatter your figure and does not shows off those curves under your cardigan. 

DO: Once again pair with the those favorite skinny jeans, dark wash, or black but pretty much anything goes with this cardigan except what I said in the DONT section. You can wear those jeans, pencil skirts for work, or even shorts when its summer. Anything fitted and tight in your bottom area will show off those curves and make you look FABULOUS. 

One last thing...
There are many ways to still one cardigan and one color. So good luck styling away with Cardigans. Hope this helps!