DIY: How to make earrings #saveTHEbuttons

Hello Loves! 

I hope you all are having a great day so far, I wanted to let you all know that I have finally got to this project. This project has been in my books since last year in where I wanted to do something crafty but also something that I can wear. So I did the best of both worlds, stud earrings. :) I love earrings, especially these type of earrings which are prefect for
 those hair buns days. Totally me, I get too lazy to do my hair most of the time so earrings does that job for me to look well put together.  

I made these at a very inexpensive price. In total I think I wasted about $15 or so. I did not have any items before so maybe that is why it was kind of pricey but for future earring creations it should be way cheaper. 

Items you'll need:
  1. Buttons
  2. E6000 glue for Jewerly and Beads
  3. Head and Eye pins
  4. Wire clipper
  5. Patience :)
1.Gather all your materials.

2. Put a dot of 1/2in of E6000 Glue in the center and put your pin in the center. 
3. Gather your earrings up against a wall so they dry perfectly. 
4.Wait overnight and use the wire clipper to cut as much wire desired. Use a stud earring for reference. 

Basically if you can purchase buttons from a craft store or even find matching ones from old cardigans or sweaters save them. You can make awesome earrings! All you need is clip off the little area for the string and cut that off with the wire clipper thingy and BAM! You use your E6000 glue put a pin, wait overnight and cut some wire. Ta-da! You have yourself some new earrings! 

I hope this post inspires you all to save your buttons and create some awesome new jewelry to your jewelry collection. #SaveTHEbuttons #createmagic