Face Mask Hack: My little Aztec Secret

Hello Loves,

This post will be covering a review of the Aztec Secret Healing Clay Face Mask.
So, I am not a big fan of face masks because of my sensitive skin so I usually stay away from trying new items and any face masks or cleansers. But I have come to this life changer item that has been posted a couple times on the Makeupsocial app. This app is very similar like Instagram except it focus on sharing makeup, health, hair, nails, skincare, fragrances and other items review or recommendations. Check out the app on the app store.

But back to the review. So I've read people talking about this product about how to deep it cleans your face and pores. So I gave it a try and bought it on Amazon. It was $8.94 for a pound of this product. Check out the link if you want to purchase.Amazon.com Aztec Secret Clay Mask .
I have been using this once a week but you can do it twice for about two weeks now and I have seen results.  I have a lot of blackheads, deep pores in my nose area and I have seen these disappear instantly.

Below I will share images from the Aztec Secret Healing Clay Face Mask and also what I add to make the mask itself.

You will need the Aztec Secret, Apple Cider Vinegar, Face brush, 1 TBSP and a mixing small bowl.

This is the step-by-step process on how to create the Aztec Secret Mask. 

1.Grab your items. 
2. Open up your Aztec Secret. 

3. Grab your Tablespoon.
4. Fill up your Tablespoon with the Aztec Secret powder. 

5. Drop your powder in the small mixing bowl.    
6. Measure about the same of Apple Cider Vinegar. 
7. Drop inside the powder mix inside the bowl. 
8. It should bubble up and put your mixing brush to mix.
9. It should look like this at first but mix.
10. Then it starts to look a bit yucky but that means a good thing and mix.
11. Mix till it looks like this so it can ready to apply.
12. You are ready to apply! Shrek time!

TIPS: DO once to twice a week (depends on your skin type)

Let it sit on your skin for 5-15 minutes (depends on your skin as well).

I do it once a week for 5 minutes because of my sensitive skin.
Your face might feel tight and even pulsate but that means its working. Trust me I was afraid of getting an allergic reaction because of this but it was actually cleaning my face. My blackheads on my nose are gone, so yay for the Secret working .

To finish wash with lukewarm water and pat dry to finish.

Thank you reading, hope you all enjoyed this read.
Please share this secret with others and any questions or comments ask away.