Is Elf Hypershine Set worth it? Steal or miss?

 Hello loves,

Hope you are all doing well. Review today!!
So, I recently purchased this E.L.F 5 Piece Hypershine Set for a very inexpensive price. Can you believe that it only cost $5 and at Target. Yes, Target is my go to store but $5 you can't beat that.

Yes, so other than being so pocket friendly it also came in a very cute boxed packaging. Of which makes the products look worth more and caught my attention to try out.

This Hypershine set is a set of 5 different lip glosses, ranging from a peachy color to a dark pinker color. Is pinker a word? I think I meant more pink.  But here goes nothing.

Below are pictures of swatches of the lip glosses with different lighting.

They are in the order they are in the box so if you have any questions which one is which you can gladly ask.


Steal or Miss? Steal & Miss. Best of both worlds. I believe that this was a steal and I can miss it. So I can live without but I can also live with it. I really like the last darker pink color because it is a beautiful color and also love the middle pink sparkly one as well. Why? I love lip products that are noticeable but also I love a little bit shine and glitter.

I am not really liking the orange colored one because I don't really like orange lip products. It makes me look cartoonish. But for those that like those colors, it doesn't hurt to purchase since its so inexpensive.

That is why I love ELF products because other than you having the chance to experiment with makeup you also save lots of $$. ELF products have definitely opened the doors for to try out different makeup products without paying high end prices and not liking them. SO trying it doesn't hurt, who knows you might even find a steal. I use other ELF products daily that are beyond amazing.

Let me know if there are any of you who use ELF products. I love to know what are you makeup steals.