V is for Very amazing: My Stella & Dot Favorites

Hello All,

Let's talk about jewelry today!
I have always liked accessories and have started to grow my collection in the last couple of months. Accessories are great to have because they always add the fun to outfits. It is kind of the cherry on top on ice cream but with accessories. I love my accessories! 

Ever since I discovered Stella and Dot I can't stop falling in love with their beautiful pieces. Especially because Stella and Dot has something special no one else has and that is versatility.

Why buy one necklace and only wear it once for a specific shirt or occasion, when you can wear one necklace with many different looks. Less is more, so why not save closet space for jewelry that transforms. This is kind of like the Transformers. Where are my autobots?

Ever heard of versatility? The versatility is what caught my attention for Stella and Dot. I couldn't believe how beautiful and amazing one item can be and completely transform.

So in today's blog post I will show you my favorite versatile necklaces and earrings. Also, I have added my favorite rings as well.  Enjoy!

Here are my Stella & Dot Favorites. My weekly favorites.

1) Natalie Necklace (V): 2 Looks, one necklace #classy
The Natalie necklace,
one my favorites to wear with blazers for a business casual look.
The Natalie Necklace can be purchased here.

Perfect combo denim jackets.

Also you can wear with plain white tees.

2) Sutton Necklace (V): 5 looks, one necklace. <3 #magicalnecklace
One my first favorite S&D necklaces.
My Instagram image with 5 complete looks with 1 necklace.

3) Freya Fringe Necklace (V): 10 looks, one necklace.  #FringeFridays

Love how playful this necklace is.
Wearing the Freya for 1st time. #fringefridays
So many ways to wears. One necklace many styles
4) Rings: Gold and Silver Favorites 

Pave Chevron Ring Silver: Favorite Silver Ring
Maylee Gold: Favorite flexible Gold Ring

5) Favorite Earrings: (V): Gold Deja Vu Double-Sided Studs 
Deja Vu Double Sided Studs are amazing: Side 1
Two different ways to wear one pair of earrings

Back side or front side, depends how you want to wear. 
   5)Earrings continue...Gold Triangle Ear Jackets (Sorry for the horrible camera quality)
Gold Triangle Ear Jackets: 6 looks, one pair.
Left: Gold ear jacket with Bar earring
Right:  Gold ear jacket with bling and Bar earring
Two different ways to wear.

Diamond studs with the different ear jackets,
same ear jackets.
The ear jackets have 3 holes to accommodate all ears
and also depends wear you want to place your ear jacket.

I hope you enjoyed the V is Very Amazing blog post. If you any questions or want to see more my Stella and Dot favorites feel free to comment below.

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