Envisioning the new you with words & pictures

Hello Loves,
Happy New Year, hope you all are well rested from the holiday break and celebrations!
I know this a late post since we are already in late January but I wanted to wish you all a wonderful new year. It's never too late to start goal setting for yourself and others. I know some of you already gave up or simply forgot of your new year resolutions and it's okay. 
I purchased my journal at Marshalls back in 2014.
In this post, I will share some of my ways to envision the new year and also how to keep yourself liable.

In the past, I have kept a journal for myself just to keep track of important meetings, ideas, work, notes, or anything random that I want to remember. The journal on the right side has been my journal for everything. With having a journal I have learned to write everything down. Not only is it great to remember things but also it keeps you on check. Plus, who said journals have to be boring. I got my awesome journal from Marshalls a while back and love their variety of journals.
In the past year, I have felt accomplished writing down just about everything and it has made me a better person. I have felt my responsiblity and communication skills have improved by simply writing it all out. Also, it is an amazing reflection piece at the end of the week, month and even year.

While I was reflecting through my previous enteries, I stumbled upon an Instagram post from a Latina blogger on her vision board. I instantly became curious to learn more. At work, I knew one of my coworkers had a vision board so I asked her about it. She told me that we should all have one, the law of attraction and why it is important to let the universe know about your goals and aspirations. I instantly became amazed and created time to work on my vision board for the year.
A snippet of my vision board.

Here is a snippet of my vision board that I worked on and currently have pinned in my closet so I can see it daily. 
There is much more to my vision board and vision boards overall, but if you have one please comment below or send me an email with a snippet of your vision board as well. I would love to see a snippet of our envisioning for the year. Happy envisioning and hello goal setter! XO