Live Radiantly with St Ives

Hello Loves,

Hope you all have had a great week so far. Today I will be reviewing three awesome products that I received in the mail a while back. I finally had time to use the products, try them and write a review. As you all know, I usually like to test products more than three times before I get to know the product and give it a go on a review.
I had the opportunity to try out some of these amazing St. Ives products. Not going to lie, I have only used one St.Ives product before and that is it. Back in high school, I used to use the St.Ives Face Apricot mask to clear up my acne. So, I was excited to open this box with these beauties inside.

I received the St.Ives Refresh & Revive Pear Nectar & Soy Body Lotion, St. Ives Nourish & Soothe Oatmeal Scrub + Mask and the St. Ives Even & Bright Pink Lemon & Mandarin Orange Body Wash. Oh man, what a mouth full to type and say these long names for each product. Each product has a long name, so I will stick to short and simple. I received a body wash, body lotion and oatmeal scrub mask.

I was really excited to try new products especially because they are new St.Ives products and looked like they would have an amazing smell. As I knew I had to test these products on my skin, I read the labels and noticed that they are designed for all skin types. This is important for me because of my sensitive skin. I always take precautions when it comes to skin care and lotions because I have to be careful to not get a reaction. I really appreciated that it had the label that it is suitable for all skin type. Thank you St.Ives.
The first item I tried was the body wash and it is amazing. Not only did it smell amazing but glided on smoothly while showering with a little product. Also, it left my body smelling like mandarins when I finished showering. I smelled good and felt fresh. The body wash averages from $2.99 to $4.89 at stores, which is perfect for those on a budget. Yay for fabforless item #1!

The second item I tried was the body lotion and it amazing as well. I instantly feel in love with the smell. It smells like the pear lotion from Victoria's Secret that I had when I was a teenager. But, the smell and smoothness of application was overall great. I would definitely purchase this lotion. The body lotion averages to $4.99 at stores. Yay again for fabforless item #2.

The last item I tried was the oatmeal scrub mask that I can honestly say that I liked it but not loved it. I really like that I could see my face getting cleaned and how smooth my face felt after. But, I didn't really like the smell of oatmeal. Don't get me wrong the smell reminded me of my daily cup of oatmeal for breakfast. The oatmeal scrub mask averages from $3.99-$5.79 at stores, which is also perfect for those on budget.
Overall, I would say 2 out 3 items I would recommend and purchase for myself and others. I like that all three items are affordable and accessible to purchase.Yay for fabforless items! I am so glad I had the opporunity to test out these products and be able to share with you all my insights on these new items for St.Ives. Check out your local Target or drug store to find these items for purchase. Hope you all live radiantly with St. Ives. <3

*I am disclosing that I received these products for free for testing purposes only*