We All Grow Summit: Travel Diary Day 3

Hello Loves, I am back at it again with We All Grow Summit Diary posts. If you missed my Day 1 and Day 2 posts feel free to check them out. I will be having two more posts on my recap of the WAG Summit. There is so much to share that it's hard to keep in just one post. So I will keep sharing bits and pieces so stay tuned. Let's get started with Day 3. Day 3 is the official Day 1 of the WAG Summit, where all took into full swing with great energy and amazing Welcome. The breakfast included eggs, fruit, bacon, sausage, little muffins, pan dulce and cranberry juice. The pan dulce was the cherry on top for the breakfast. It was so tasty and delicious. So, great to have a little taste of home on my plate.  Thumbs up on breakfast.

The morning then took off with a Welcome and Morning Keynote Session with Heather Connely of Facebook which kicked off into the different panels and workshops for the rest of the day.

The morning was packed with information with the panelists who spoke about the importance of social media and how unique our voice is. We as influencers are not only influencers on our blogs but we “influence others by sharing our stories”. I don’t remember which panelists shared this but it is true and important to realize our voice has meaning and value. After the morning panel, I had time to run to the
Avenno, Neutrogena and Dove suites right before the workshops.

The Aveeno suite provided us with organic tasty smoothies and awesome goodies. They were so tasty, I still look back and wish I had one of those smoothies right before work.

The Neutrogena suite spoiled us even more. They had a full makeup area, photoshoot, dermatologist appointments, and lots of goodies. A dermatologist looked at my skin and give recommendations and tips for my skin, which was amazing and so new for me. Also, I had my makeup done and a professional picture by Neutrogena. I will show you all my professional picture in my last post for We All Grow Recap.

After going into the suites, I made my way to workshops. All the workshops interest me but I could only go to one for each hour. I learned so much from the workshops from that day. Not only did I feel empowered but inspired. Also, I felt comfortable to ask questions and take selfies. I've been to other non-blogger conferences and it is always hard to ask questions where the environment feels bleh and the speakers made you feel intimated. But I am glad the speakers of the workshops made it feel comfortable and very engaging. I even took a selfie picture with +MayaInTheMoment. She is super cool and so funny. I had so much to talk about after every workshop and took so many notes. This inspiration led many conversations with my roommates about our future plans with blogging. It was exciting!

As the day 1 came to an end my thoughts and feelings were all over the place. I was thrilled to be there and thankful to have so many amazing conversations with supportive people. It’s not always when you sit next to stranger and talk to them about the struggle. But, the night ended with Happy Hour sponsored by Pinterest with was amazing. They had Beermosas. It’s kind of like mimosas but with beer. I swear I couldn’t taste the difference. They were pretty tasty.

Thought of the Day: Be beware and ask questions or spark up a conversation you never know where it might take you

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