We All Grow Summit: Travel Diary Last Day

Hello loves,

I hope you are all doing well. This will be my last post for the travel diary series for the We All Grow Summit. If you missed out on Day 1, Day 2 and Day 3 please check them out and share the love. Stay tuned for my next post which will feature a video behind the scenes of my adventures during the summit. For now, please enjoy my last day of We All Grow in Long Beach.

I couldn’t have started the day without going back to the Aveeno suite for another amazing smoothie. Yes, I went for seconds and it was amazing. The morning started off with an amazing opening with Dove. The Cosmic Christine was very empowering and gave us an inspirational session on self-love and empowerment with the new Dove campaign, #SpeakBeautifully.

There were a couple of things left to do for the last day. A little bit of networking, visiting the suites and learning from the workshops. I had so much fun getting my hair done and also take professional pictures in the suites. I took my Neutrogena professional picture and it came out so good. I was nervous at first to take my picture but I am so glad I ventured to do it and get an amazing photo. I also got my hair did at the Dove suite which was amazing. They left my hair smelling amazing, full and curly. Thank you for spoiling us brands!

In the last workshops, I made sure that I took notes and asked questions. I learned so much from Embracing Individuality to Learning How to Make your Blog Profitable. All these workshops were very welcoming and amazing. The type of information that I learned not only applied to my blog but also to my everyday life. I received a free book for attending Lorraine C. Ladish’s workshop which was awesome. Her book is called Reach!, which I need to get to reading. It is on my pile of next reads. After attending the last workshop of WAG it was surprisingly Happy Hour by Turbo Tax. Who doesn’t like free drinks?

After chit chatting, drinking some drinks and taking selfies with other bloggers it all came to an end. The last of the summit was hearing amazing stories from wonderful and powerful women. This was the storyteller portion where we cried, we laughed and learned from everyone’s amazing and impactful story. As the program ended it reminded me how grateful I was to be able to attend the We All Grow Summit and to be sitting there in a large room full of Latinas bloggers. It was truly a blessing to be present and there. 

Thought of the Day: Live in the moment.

XO, Ruby