Mas Que Education: New Resource for Undocumented Students

Hello everyone,

Last week, I had the privilege to attend the Launch party for the DREAMer's Roadmap App in Palo Alto, California. This is a pretty awesome app that you want to download when you have the chance. It is a wonderful resource to have and even better that's in the palm of your hands. The DREAMer's Roadmap App is an app that helps undocumented students find scholarships.

It was created by Sarahi Espinoza Salamanca and Carla Moran who are Bay Area Latinas. They came up with such an amazing tool that will help and benefit so many students nationally. Great and amazing job ladies!

Some of the brightest students and some of my personal friends are undocumented. These friends and students have been fortunate enough to get full ride scholarships to their colleges with hard work, amazing grades and dedication to their academics during high school. But that isn't everyone. Many undocumented students have to dedicate the time to search for ways to cover the cost of higher education. For those that do not know, students who are undocumented receive little to no form of financial aid to pursue their college degrees. This makes it a barrier for many to even continue their education.

But with this app, there is hope. This app will help many undocumented students search for scholarships that are specifically for undocumented students will help them fund their education.
The process to find scholarships is very tedious, hard and time-consuming. The DREAMer's Roadmap is a great resource for undocumented students to search for scholarships.

The DREAMer's Roadmap App helps undocumented students nationally find scholarships in the palms of their hands. It has a variety of scholarships that are all for undocumented students, of which students can look and apply. Also, it offers resources and tips for students. 

You can download the app at: 
Google Play for Andriods
App Store for Iphones 

Cost: Free

You can download the app, like their Facebook page, and share with your friends, family, neighbors or anybody.

You never know who might need the help. <3

Check out the screenshots of the App!