Music Mondays: 73 Songs that will make your Prom fun

Hello All,

Happy Monday! Welcome back to Music Mondays! If you missed my last #MusicMonday post feel free to check out here. You don't want to miss out on the fun! 

This week I will be sharing a playlist I created out of curiosity on Spotify! Prom is right around the corner for many high school students. For those that do not know, Prom is a formal dance where high school juniors and/or seniors dress up in  fancy dress gowns and tuxedos at the end of their school year. Usually, these Prom dances are held at different venues with catering, pictures, and music. It is usually a fun night for many students where they dance the night away and create memories with their graduating class.

I remember when I went to my Prom in high school and had a blast. Mostly because the DJ had a good selection of music to dance to. I am thankful for that DJ.  But for those who are thinking about what songs they want to hear at Prom, I created a playlist that help ease that stress and get you pumped for that night.

I included a little bit of everything to this mix. From the classics like Cupid Shuffle to Suavemente, Banda, Drake and Dillon Francis.  Enjoy and have a safe Prom! Congrats Class of 2016.

This playlist is called the PromEdition16
!  Check it out, follow and enjoy!
Feel free to comment below with your favorite song from the playlist.