Okay ladies, let's get in FORMATION #MusicMondays

Hello All,

"Okay ladies, let's get in Formation"- Beyonce.

In honor of Beyonce going on her Formation World Tour I have created the Formation Tour playlist and ALSO because I am going to see her today!  I am so excited!

It was a spontaneous decision but I will be seeing Beyonce today! Yay!
I have been a big fan of her since Destiny's Child and even remember that she was my first music ringtone download back in middle school. Lol, the song was "Check On It" and I was a bit obsessed with her pink music video. I will always remember that day when I bought for my first music ringtone with my pay as you go phone. It was scary and awesome at the same time. Oh, the memories!

Listen to my playlist below and hail Queen Bey!
Her new songs from her Lemonade album are not in the playlist because Spotify is working on it. I will add the new songs when they add the album.

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Stay tuned!