My Goodwill Lookbook under $50

Hello Loves,
Today's post will be on my recent purchases at Goodwill store. For those that do not know the Goodwill is a place where you can purchase second-hand clothes and other items such a furniture, equipment and much more. I have been purchasing clothes from the Goodwill and second-hand stores for a while now because of the neat things they have and low prices. I have learned from thrifting that if you are searching for something good or specific you have to take your time.

Everything that I am wearing from this post was from the Goodwill expect the shoes, jeans, and denim vest.  Surprisingly I found 9 different pieces to wear in various ways for less than fifty dollars. Check out my lookbook below for all the pieces I found at my local Goodwill. 

1. Black neck Shirt: $5.19
2. Black off the shoulder shirt: $6.14
3. Floral dress: $10.24
4. Old Navy Green Tank: $3.09
5. Navy Lace Shirt: $5.11
6. Orange Maxi Dress: $6.14
7. Pink shirt with metallic neckline: $5.11
8. Purple and small roses dress: $6.14

9. Plan tan v-neck shirt: $2.06

Thoughts on this Goodwill Lookbook? Should I do more? Did you like it?
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