How to have A Successful School Year

Hello everyone,

I hope you are all ready for the school year to begin. Only a couple days left of Summer left before it starts again. Hopefully, it hasn't started already for you. Today's post will provide you with some tips on how to have a Successful School Year. These tips can be applicable to all grade levels of life and any student because we are always striving to be the best and successful. Grab your pencil and paper because you don't want to miss out.

Tip #1: Stay on TOP of your Game! 
This one is the major key of all major keys. (DJ Khaled reference). One way you can stay on TOP of your Game is to be organized. Organization is major when it comes to everything from setting time for homework, deadlines, reminders, to prioritizing the right things in life.

Here are my GO-TO's on how I stay organized:

  • Google Calendar
    • Great for work, meetings and adding event reminders to your calendar. You can set it up with your Gmail account and lets you create events for everything. It is great for work and class. Plus it will remind you via the app or text notifications so you don't forget about certain events. 
  • My Passion Planner 
    • This is the best! It is your Google Calendar but on paper. I like to write things down so I like having a digital and paper version of my events for work or other things. Plus, this planner has weekly, monthly and quarterly reflections which is great for reflection. 
  • My Work, Blog and Class Journals or Notebooks
    • I have separate journals for work, blog, and classes because they are different subjects. Having different journals for different subjects keeps your notes, homework  and other things all in one location for that subject. I found this helpful in college and at work when I would just use one journal to keep all my notes in that one place.  
  • The Note App in my phone
    • This is my last resort when it comes down to remembering these down. I usually use this for my grocery list or when I don't have time to pull out a paper and pencil to type something fast. 
Using my Go-To's with prioritizing deadlines, homework, assignments and social life will help you become a successful student. Just remember to always set deadlines for yourself even before the real deadline.  Once you start using my GO-TO's by simply writing things down and organizing you will become more successful.

Tip #2: Have Fun and Take care of Yourself! 
Don't play yourself, especially if you want to apply to college but your friends want to pressure to go eat Pizza. I'm talking to you graduating Seniors!

Set your priorities right and know when to say no.
I know it is hard to do but you need to understand that you need to do what's best for you. Your friends will be there for you for pizza after you have submitted your college applications so don't worry. But always make time for the things that are most important.

Take care of yourself first, so you don't play yourself! Work Hard, Play Hard!

With that said reward yourself especially if you have been working hard on your college applications, and homework. You want to make sure you also have fun. Go to the school dances, movies, theme parks, Homecoming, Prom, Graduation and the other Senior Year Celebrations.

For anyone older than 18 reading this please safely go to friend gatherings, Football games or etc.
But prioritize what is right!

I hope these tips will you have a Successful School Year.
What are things you are already doing at school that will make you successful?
Let me know in the comment section below.