MasqueRubyTravels to La Calle Olvera (Olvera Street)

Hello everyone,
Today's post will my recent visit to La Calle Olvera (Olvera Street) in Downtown Los Angeles, California. I have always been fascinated with my Mexican culture from it's rich history to it's colorful and delicious food. Every time I have the chance to learn and explore a little more about my culture I instantly approve. I love seeing the colorful art, hearing Spanish in every conversation, smelling the delicious food, how diverse and rich our Mexican culture is. Being able to reconnect with my culture is very important to me as Latina and Mexicana here in the United States. So as soon as I saw how close Calle Olvera was to the LA Union Station I had to visit.

Below are some pictures that I took while exploring La Calle Olvera where they have a variety of food and vendors that sell a lot of great things.

I also visited The Avila House, which is walking distance to there, which was amazing and one of the oldest houses built in Los Angeles. It's a museum now that you can walk through but a must see!