New Car Adventures to LA and Sightseeing in SJ

Hello Loves,

It's been a long time but I wanted to keep you all in the loop. I am currently finishing up my last semester of graduate school and my first year as an educator so stay updated by following me on Instagram where you can catch daily posting about my day.

But I wanted to share with you that last week I had the pleasure of driving from the Bay Area to Los Angeles for Generation Beauty by Ipsy and also go sightseeing in my city with Mazda. Yes, I had the an amazing time driving the fabulous 2018 Mazda 3 Grand Touring Hatchback. 

It was such a great and smooth drive from the Bay Area to Los Angeles and back. One of the best features that I loved about the Mazda 3 Grand Touring was other than the luxury it has was how safe I felt driving it. It was my first time driving over 5 hours and also driving to LA and let me tell you this car reassured me that I can drive to LA and that it will be fine. I had some anxiety before for driving long periods of time and also a fear that my car would be breakdown on the 5. This fear came from my first car where it break down and give me so much anxiety for failing me BUT the Mazda 3 reassured me that it was going to be okay and I was going to get to my destination worry-free.
This car took care of me like nothing I have ever seen before. It has amazing features from the inside to the outside. Some of the features that I really liked was having SkyActiv Technology where it was the car is aware of the surrounding cars and will beep and display that there is a car or object next to you and not to change lanes. Also, if you get out of a lane it will beep at you letting you know to focus and stay in the lane.  I definitely got a couple beeps going to LA but coming back not so much. I became a safer driver. :) Additionally, it has an awesome screen on top of the steering wheel to project your speed and surrounding cars. I definitely felt safe all week long and having these features made me fall in love with the car.

Additionally, I felt like this car is very luxurious. Other than the leather seats it has an amazing sunroof and heated steering wheel and seats. It also amazing speakers for my music on the go parties, dual air systems and a lot of leg room. This was my first time experiencing what it was to have leather seats and let me tell you when it's 40 degrees outside and you forget and you get reminded how cold it is to have them the heated seat button saves your life. Such a lifesaver! I was in shock of how awesome it was to have heated seats and a steering wheel!  Such a cozy morning drive! This was something additionally that I loved about the car. 

If you want to see more about my experience with the 2018 Mazda 3 Grand Touring Hatchback check out my Youtube video below and also my pictures of one my favorite cars on the market.