The Summer of Soccer with Xfinity

This is a compensated campaign in collaboration with Comcast and #WeAllGrow Latina Network.

Hello Loves,

A couple of days ago I had the opportunity to hang out with my fellow Bay Area Latina Bloggers, We All Grow Latina Network and Xfinity at the CNet Smart Home in San Francisco, California. We were invited to hear from Xfinity's latest technology updates in preparation for the soccer games happening this month and the next.

As soon as we arrived we were greeted by the amazing staff from Xfinity with a day full of surprises from all the latest information for the soccer games to food, selfie stations and much more. It was such a fun and exciting day to hear how Xfinity is your one-stop shop for all things soccer.

In preparation for the summer soccer games happening all this month and next month, I sat down with Xfinity to hear their latest technology updates for the games. With the X1 feature with Xfinity, you will have it all. From voice command remote control to highlights to getting notifications alerts on your phone.

One feature that I found super cool was being able to talk to your control in English or Spanish with the awesome voice command features. The X1 voice command feature can recognize any type of Spanish, even if you have an accent like me. For example, specifically for the soccer games, you can ask “Quién gano ahora?”, “Who won today?” on your X1 control and your screen will bring up the latest scoreboards on the soccer games for that day.

Something else that I really found really cool was the convenience of being able to watch the soccer games everywhere and anytime on the go. With the X1 feature, you are able to not only watch the games on your TV screen but also stream them on your tablet or your phone. Also, they have a new feature where you can get notification alerts where it’ll notify you with reminders about the matches for the day. Nothing like getting a notification letting you know that your favorite team is playing. I find this feature to be super helpful because I have a bad time remembering when the games actually start and what countries are playing which days. I know with my busy summer schedule and the Russian time difference, this feature definitely comes in handy.

Lastly, if you are in hurry or soccer isn’t your love but still want to get the latest info on the games with X1 you can easily do that. If you want to see the highlights of a game you can do that by going to the highlight feature of the game. If you just want to see the goals aka the wins of the games you can that too, so cool. Or if you just want to see how your favorite player played you see that as well. The soccer games menu has everything you need and more. It is literally your one stop for everything related to soccer this summer. Another favorite feature of mine.

Can you guys believe that Comcast has all these amazing features? I didn't’ even know that Comcast had all these features to begin with. I am glad they invited me out to San Francisco to hear about all these goodies just in time for the soccer games. Now, who is ready to watch the soccer games with Comcast? I know I am! Vamos México!
Thank you WeAllGrow Latina Network and Comcast for this amazing day full of knowledge, laughter, fun and lots of technology.