Memorable Soccer Summer Games

This is a compensated campaign in collaboration with Comcast and #WeAllGrow Latina Network.
Hello loves,

I hope you are all keeping up to date with all the amazing soccer games going on right now! If you have been watching them you know that they have been full of surprises and the unexpected. As Mexican-American Latina, I grew up watching soccer just about every day since I can remember. Waking up early Sunday mornings with the TV very loud to hear the memorable soccer announcer’s voice saying “Goooooooooool” is something that I remember very dearly.

So every four years during the summer soccer games I continue that tradition of watching the games no matter the time of day. And what better way to watch soccer than with great food and company! These last soccer games I have had the pleasure of spending them with great amigas that also have a passion for soccer. It’s so much more exciting when you have a group of people rooting for your team!

Did you know that are Latino households hold the most engaged viewership of soccer? Over 32 million Latinos tuned into the 2014 soccer games and watch an average of 937 minutes of soccer. Thanks to Comcast for being the nation’s largest cable provider of Spanish-language programming and offer over 60 Spanish-Language channels.

They also offer the most up to date technology for entertainment and all your soccer needs this summer. Read my previous post about The Summer of Soccer with Xfinity to read all the amazing features they have just in time for the soccer games. Check out our video recap with all my amigas and myself talking about our favorites features Comcast has to offer.

The soccer games are getting more intense with the rounds getting smaller and smaller, yesterday my team(México) made to Round of 16! They lost but qualified for the next round. As an avid soccer fan, you know that every game matters and you need to keep with not only your team but other teams as well. With the Xfinity X1 feature, it will break it down in brackets to see where your team is standing and who they are up against.

As teams become eliminated and the final game approaches us on July 15th, 2018, 8am we are want to know more! Well thankfully to Xfinity X1 app we can know the latest on players, rankings, standings, stats and the final games all in the palms of our hands. Nothing like have the latest information all in one place whether your TV, mobile device or tablet with Comcast.

I am excited for the next couple of soccer games as we get closer to the finals.

The next couple of games for me will definitely become memorable as I plan to travel these last couple of weeks of soccer games. I will be traveling to Spain, Italy, and St.Louis and know that my passion to watch the games no matter the time difference will continue. I know that with X1 app from Xfinity I will be checking on it and will continue to be updated with the latest goals, rankings and all things related to soccer. Yay for adventures and soccer!

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