5 Must Visit Places in Rome, Italy

Hell Loves,

Welcome back! This post is in conjunction part to my previous post to Spain. Part two of my trip to Europe was visiting the beautiful country of Italia as well. 

Our trip to Italia started by taking a ferry boat from Barcelona to Civitavecchia, Italy where we were going to be staying for 3 nights before the end of the trip. Civitavecchia is cute little town with a great people and food, it's about an 1 hour away from Roma.

Our ferry boat before departing Barcelona's port.
Our commute to Civitavecchia took about 13 hours and felt like forever but nevertheless, I embraced that long day as part of the experience. Honestly, I have never stayed on a boat cabin before so this was new all to me and definitely, part of the experience was getting seasick. I am so thankful that I knew from my Puerto Vallarta trip that I do get seasick. I was very prepared for the ferry boat ride and I still got a bit seasick.
Mediterranean Sea
One of the first places I stopped by was to get pizza from the nearby restaurants of which I enjoyed it so much! The pizza is so different than pizza here in the United States for once the pizza's crust is thin of which I like and pepperoni on their pizza is not a thing there. I couldn't recommend a place of where to buy pizza in Italy but basically, anywhere in Italy,  you will find yummy pizza.

The beautiful balconies. 

1) La Fontana Di Trevi
This place is beyond unbelievable and definitely a place where you want to make a wish or two. I remember seeing this in the Lizzie McGuire movie and have always seen this place as magical. I couldn't wait to throw a Mexican peso and make a wish and hope to see a Pablo (Lizzie McGuire reference) but that didn't happen. This place caught me by surprise because it is hidden in between buildings so you definitely need a map, google or a tour guide helping you get there. Also, it's gorgeous! 

In front of the Fontana de Trevi (The Trevi Fountain)

The mini cars around Italy that drive around narrow streets.
2) The Spanish Steps
Another beautiful place that has a gorgeous fountain and steps leading into Trinitá dei Monti Chruch. At the bottom of the Spanish Steps is the fountain and surrounding shops from Gucci, Prada and etc. Also, it's a great place for pictures and shopping. The Spanish Steps entail 135 of which you can go up to see the Trinitá dei Monti Chruch.
The Spanish Steps.

The fountain at the bottom of the Spanish Steps.

3) Vatican City
This place is the capital of the Roman Catholic Chruch and home to the Pope, a, t and architecture. It is a huge place that has many museums including Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel ceiling piece that is jaw-dropping gorgeous. Also, there a lot of statues and famous Roman statues there as well. FYI, it is hot and very very crowded. Make sure to bring a water, a hat and a fan. Other than it is a place to see.

Roman Soldier

Hercules Statue

A Pope, I don't know which one.

The inside of St. Peters Bascilla
The inside of St. Peters Bascilla

St. Peters Bascilla

Me outside St. Peters Bascilla

4) Colosseum, Anfiteatro Flavio
I think this was the cherry on top of visiting Rome being able to walk through the walls of the Colosseum and experience history. It is unbelievable and crazy to think this building is still up after so many many years. As a history major and person who has always been fascinated with history, I couldn't believe I was there. This place is so rich in history that you forget about the little shade there is there. But overall, this was my favorite place of visiting Rome. It's truly a wonder of the world. 
The Colosseum

5) Pantheon
This building is said to be the perfect building in terms of shape and sizes. I didn't get the chance to go inside because I got there a little bit too late but it looked amazing and almost perfect on the outside. It is definitely a must see in Rome. Also, there is a lot of people in that area and nearby shops where you can buy food and gifts.
The Pantheon

Lastly, I am leaving you here with my vlog where I visit all 5 must-visit places in beautiful Roma, Italy. Check it out and hope you enjoy it as much I did!