Places to visit on your first trip to Spain

Hello Loves,

This week I am sharing with you one of two posts for my latest adventures in España and Italia. I had the recent pleasure of visiting these two beautiful countries as a graduation gift to myself for completing graduate school. Yay! So on June 30th, 2018 I packed a carry-on and personal item bag for ten days and was ready to cross the Atlantic Ocean and explore Europe. 

In 2010 I started to build an interest in traveling and Europe but could not go because the cost but I knew that it was something I wanted to do in the future. Fast forward to eight years later the time finally came for me to go and I couldn't be more excited to go. 

Through this experience, I was able to embrace as much as the Spanish culture in a few days that I was there. I took pictures and even created a vlog for you all to see my journey through beautiful España. My vlog is at the end of the post for you all to see my adventures and must-visit places to go in beautiful España.
Madrid-Plaza Del Toros
Our first stop was Madrid where we got to see a couple of things like the Royal Palace, Plaza de Toros, Puerto del Sol and much more. My first day in this city I felt welcomed and loved to walk around all the beautiful buildings and small streets. 
Madrid- Royal Palace
Also, the Royal Palace of which was one of many homes royalty lived was so so beautiful. The Royal Palace has over 150 rooms, four basements and every room has a purpose. Believe me when a King wanted every room different, every single room in that building is different and decorated very very beautifully and elegant. 
The streets of Madrid
Our second stop was a small town of Toledo of which I felt like I really enjoyed because it was very different than Madrid. This town was very quiet and small of which I felt like time was going slower and had time to embrace the beauty surrounding me. Also, it didn't feel much of a tourist attraction of which I loved because it wasn't crowded.
The small town had a cathedral and it was rich in history. You can definitely see the historical influences of different cultures through their buildings and the influence of different religions. In my vlog, you'll be able to see the bridge that Romans built and also how beautiful their cathedral is. I mean look at that view!
The beautiful town of Toledo in the background.
The next day we started our driving adventure southeast towards Barcelona. Through the drive, we made pitstop for lunch at a small town of Zaragoza. In this town, I had my first traditional Spanish dish of paella of which I found super delicious. 

Paella- traditional rice plate in Spain.
In Barcelona, I had the pleasure to see so much that I loved this city and will be definitely be going back. Other than being a coastal city with a beach and city life, I found this city to have the best of everything. I saw many things like a city view from a museum, Park Güell, La Sagrada Familia, Gothic Center, the beach and much more. 
Me with the beautiful city of Barcelona in the background.

One part of La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona.

Park Güell in Barcelona.

Me in Park Güell in Barcelona.

The streets of Barcelona.
I also got a chance to go on a bike tour of which I felt was the cherry on top for my Spain trip. I haven't been a bike for over ten years and other than getting see more of Barcelona I fell back in love with riding a bike. In my vlog, you'll see more of my bike tour and Barcelona. One thing I didn't get to do but I will one day was to go to the Barcelona soccer stadium.
Our amazing bike tour guide in Barcelona.

 Below is my España vlog of which has all of my Spain adventures, feel free to check it out.

Overall thoughts of Spain:  10/10
I loved it and wished I could have spent more time exploring the country and savoring the food. 



  1. When for the first time I went to Spain I had no idea what should I do but this time when I plan my trip I will search for such blogs which can help me with things to do in Madrid Spain so that I don’t waste my time and explore as much as I can.

  2. Planning my first trip to spain, will be traveling with my nephew next summer. Thank you!

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