Lipsticks Dupes

Hello Loves,

Ruby here. Happy New Year Eve's! Let's start 2015 a year with a bang and why not by saving some cha-Ching! 

Let's keep this short. Here are dark  lipsticks which are perfect for the winter and beanie. 
This lipstick has that dark red, almost black color which is great combo for a neutral makeup look or lazy day. 
You can never go wrong with some color on your lips when your not feeling those eyeshadows. 
The higher end lipstick is Mac Cyber which goes for $15-18.
Revlon which is sold in most drugstores like Target, Walmart, CVS or Walgreens is sold in the color VA VA VIOLET for about $7.
And my favorite lipsticks because they are so inexpensive and their color is great is Wet n' Wild brand which is sold in most drugstores which I listed above.

This lipstick I am still trying to find it but I do have a Dark Wine color which I love which you can purchase from $1.00-$1.99 depending if there is sale or you have store coupons.
Hope this helps all you lipstick junkies.