What beauty items are at the Dollar Tree?

Hello Loves,

Happy Sunday!I hope you all are having a great weekend so far. Today's post will be about my recent visit to the Dollar Tree. The Dollar Tree is a major store where you can purchase just about everything for $1. Here is what the Dollar Tree sells:http://www.dollartree.com/home.jsp

On my trip the Dollar Tree I usually shop for little things like decorations, candles, vases and school supplies. But this time I wanted to try out some of their beauty products. So I bought the items you see to your right. From lip glosses, fake metallic nails, nail stickers and also a purple sock bun kind of a thing.

The 3 lip glosses are a gorgeous colors from pink to peach color. The brand is L.A. Colors and they are in a pretty packaging but the product itself is all right not the best. But what do you except it did only cost $1. The far left color is called: Paradise Pink, the middle color is called: Fruit Punch and the right color is called: Coral Crush.

Below are the swatches on how they look on my skin and the lighting. They aren't super pigmented and glossy but they do show. It is defintley one of those products where you buy just to see if you'll like it not to use forever.

For the purple hair fake bun I do not have a picture of how my hair works but it does work. I usually like to make my hair bun with these types of fake buns so I do usually have. Having lost mine that I had from Forever 21 long ago I was in search for one. H & M usually sells them overpriced and I rarely go into F21 so it worked out fine. So yes to the hair fake bun. My hair is wet and I use this so it looks like a clean bun. But that's just me. Also...

I wanted to try out the nail stickers and these were the only ones there so I gave it a try. The package included 16 nail stickers which means you will have some stickers left over. They were fairly easy to stick on my nails and file with the nail filer so they can be in shape of my nail. I did put a clear coat one top just to protect them.  The results, they looked great and almost kind of cool. I did receive comments from people that "they look good", "they look done", which made my feel good and they were shocked to find out they were from the Dollar Tree store. They did started to rip after I took a shower and about a day and 1/2 about 2/5 were destroyed. I didn't have anything to loose so this was awesome trying it out.

The only thing I need to test out are the metallic acrylic nails of which I need to purchase some great nail glue because I love the color of the nails. Any suggestions on which nail glue is awesome?

I will find more beauty finds and review them from places like the Dollar Tree, Target and much more. Stay tuned. <3