Where to visit in California?-CA Missions #1

Hello Loves,

Sorry it's been a while, just been busy with life matters and also work. But nevertheless I will try to post weekly from now on. 

Today's post will consist something non related to make up, beauty and fashion. It has to do with History. 

Many of you do not but I am fascinated with History. I loved it in high school and even loved it so much I majored in it at the university. So yes I am fascinated how things in the past affect us now and how existing history like proof is so rich and hard to find. I love visiting historical sites. 

This weekend as I had the opportunity start my goal of starting to visit 1 of the 21 California Missions. For more information on California's history and how the missions came about read here: http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/California_missions

So I will keep you all posted how this journey goes but San Juan Bautista was #1 that we visited.  

So beautiful. I fell in love how it's still standing and the feel of it's history. 

Let me know if you have any questions or are interested following my journey to visit all 21 missions.
I've been to the Santa Clara Mission as well but never taken pictures like a tourist,why? The Mission is part of Santa Clara University of which I have learned to love how the beautiful campus is and also the Mission. So pretty much I am love with that I never really took the time to photograph it.
But I will visit that one soon since it's close by. But you can say I have 2/21 complete.