What in the world is "Damn Daniel"?

Hello Loves,

This blog post will be a bit different and kind of fun.

If you have a teenager, siblings, younger children or are on social media you probably already know about the "Damn Daniel" hype is all about. It has been trending everywhere and has gone viral in the last couple of days. I have heard it been said so many times already and I, myself have said it to a few people. It's pretty funny.

For those that do not know let me introduce you to the new teenage saying that is trending everywhere and has gone viral.

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Josh and Daniel are high school students who decided to create a video of Daniel wearing different shoes and outfits. For every outfit that Josh recorded, he would tell his friend Daniel, "Dam Daniel".

 One particular phrase that stood out in video and went viral is: "Dam Daniel...back at it again with the white vans" where it shows him wearing white vans shoes multiple times throughout the different outfits and days.

Not only has this saying of "Dam Daniel...back at it again with the white vans" gone viral but the sales of white vans have gone up tremendously. Check out the insane price on these "Dam Daniel white vans" going for $15,200 on Ebay.  If you don't have $15,200 for those shoes you can always purchase the original new white vans for only $45 via Vans Store if you are interested in purchasing them.
During high school, I did wear some white vans but they weren't as popular as they are now. Daniel has really become a trendsetter for white vans. Plus, these shoes are comfortable to wear and are overall great shoes to wear on a daily.

"Dam Daniel..." is very similar to the hype of "What are those?" from last year. It is very similar in a sense that you have to have an opinion of someone's outerwear without being too direct. While "what are those" was used more in a negative context. "What are those?" were typically shouting out to those that have ugly shoes. I have heard this comment of "What are those?" all last year and it got so much hype that it even became a dress up Spirit Day for high school students.

For "Dam Daniel..." I believe this is shouting out to all those who have a great sense of style, it is used as an encouragement for everyone who dresses to impress. Great job Josh for recording your friend Daniel with his sense of style and a great sense of shoe selection. So if you see your friends around give them an encouragement of "Dam ______".