We All Grow Summit: Travel Diary Day 1

Hello loves,

Hope you are having an amazing day. I wanted to share with my experience on a mini vacation that I took this past week. It was truly a blessing and felt beyond grateful to be able to attend the We All Grow Summit (WAG) with Latina Bloggers Connect in Long Beach, California. 
Let me tell you, it was such an amazing experience that I can’t wait tell you more. I will be sharing with you a mini diary series of blog posts on my WAG experience for the next couple of days with words and pictures. Read more below to find out more!

Day 1 officially kicks off with me arriving to LAX- Long Angeles Airport on Wednesday and surprisingly it isn’t so sunny. There was so much fog, that it looked kind of scary. Nevertheless, I was excited to explore Long Beach and enjoy some good food. That day, I went to explore the city, walk around and see where the conference was going to take place. I did explore the city a little bit more than I anticipated because I took the wrong bus at one point. Haha, it was a pretty funny learning experience. Good thing public transportation was not that expensive. But, with that learning experience I found different areas to take awesome pictures with my phone and still had enough time to get my location.
Sure enough, it was a long tiring day of traveling, exploring, getting lost, sight-seeing, good food and the beginning of something amazing. That same day, other than getting lost on public transportation I had the pleasure to eat some chicken and waffles at Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles in Long Beach with some of the WAG chicas. I was super excited to try Roscoe's because I have never had chicken and waffles all together at once. And oh my gee, it was amazing. If you have never tried this mix of chicken and waffles you must try it. I definitely recommend it. Fun fact: I did not know anybody before arriving to Long Beach and yet at the conference. For me, it was interesting to travel alone, trust your inner self and be open to meet new people that turned into life long friendships. I only knew of some of girls because they are bloggers and I follow their work. Also, we as bloggers are always on social media and it was a perfect way to connect with them. Thought of the day: Be open to have fun and grow.

Here are some my recap photos of Day 1.