We All Grow Summit: Travel Diary Day 2

Hello Loves, Hope you are having an amazing day, this is Day 2 of my travel diary series. If you missed the last post, click here for Day 1. I am sharing my We All Grow Summit experience from last week which was amazing. It was truly a blessing and felt beyond grateful to be able to attend the We All Grow Summit (WAG) with Latina Bloggers Connect in Long Beach, California. 
Let me tell you, it was such an amazing experience that I can’t wait tell you more. I will be sharing with you a mini diary series of blog posts on my WAG experience for the next couple of days with words and pictures. Read more below to find out more!

For Day 2, we started off with field trips to various locations and activities. I was selected among a group of girls to attend the field trip in Los Angeles with TransitionsLenses and VisionWorks. It was such a fun trip despite not knowing anyone and doing something out of my comfort zone. The group of girls were all amazing to talk to and be around. I love my field trip chicas. We definitely bonded and had too much fun getting to know one another with our special guests. 
Our special guests were Coco & Breezy and they are amazing, inspirational people. They are Latina and African American women that have a passion for designing eye glasses. They are super chill and very cool people to talk to. Also, they are had an amazing story to share on how they started with an idea and made it a reality. They were so fun to be around with and we had a blast on the bus with their own music remixes of songs. "Work, work, work" remix by Rihanna will forever be a song that will remind me of our crazy party bus.

For lunch, we tried Gracias Madre restaurant in West Hollywood and man it was delicious. I have tried vegetarian food before but never like this. They had cauliflower tacos, tostadas of escabeche, beans, guacamole and jalapenos, chocolate dessert and margaritas. The place was beyond my expectations because it exposed me to eat something differently. Great selection!

After our lunch, we went back to take our professional pictures. Yes, we had a photo shoot. So crazy! I had a blast taking pictures and also trying on the different TransitionsLenses. I felt like I finally found a perfect fit and pair. As a daily contact lenses user, I have always found it hard to wear eyeglasses and find the perfect fit. I think soon I will transition into wearing glasses and hopefully those glasses will be the TransitionsLenses.

As the day ended, we drove back to Long Beach on the party bus with lots to talk about and some phone charging time. I can't believe that party bus had phone chargers. It was so convenient to charge my phone during the drive back. The night ended with a Welcome Cocktail party hosted by Hampton by Hilton. There was music playing, tasty margaritas, and amazing appetizers. It was a perfect way to talk to new people, have some drinks and a good time. The party started with a live performance by Maria del Pilar and she was amazing. Check out her page and listen to her musica. Then, the night ended with songs like suavemente and also the cupid shuffle which made it fun to dance and laugh. It was the perfect ending to kick off the We All Grow Summit.

My thought of the day: It is okay to feel uncomfortable. Learn to laugh and have fun.