Reverse your Routine with TRESemmé

Hello Loves,

Today I will be reviewing these new TRESemmé hair products that I got the chance to try out. I am excited to share with you two new hair collections that Tresemme recently launched a couple months ago: the Beauty-Full Volume and the Botanique Collections.

I was excited to try out these new collections for TRESemmé because I've heard amazing things and also because I am a big fan of theirs. I tried each collection for about a week or so to see if I liked and disliked the products. To see if I liked the TRESemmé collections or not keep reading below.

The Beauty-Full Volume Collection

This isn’t your typical normal shampoo and conditioners products here. These will change up your life and your routine. This Beauty-Full Volume Collection is unique because you start with conditioning and then shampoo which is completely opposite of normal. It’s weird huh? But it’s doable and awesome to try out. I had a hard time adjusting to the idea of doing everything in reverse when washing my hair because I was so used to the other way. But regardless my hair washed needless to say.

Thoughts: I really liked the smell of the conditioner and how smooth my hair felt after. I didn't really like the smell the shampoo. I thought it was going to smell nicer because the conditioner smelled so good. My hair did end up feeling really clean and fresh.
Recommend: Yes, great smell and it’s something different from your average hair washing routine.

Botanique Collections

I was excited to try this shampoo and conditioner because it is very different. Why is so different? Well, because the Botanique Collection is infused with coconut milk, aloe vera, and macadamia oil which makes it unique and healthy for your hair.

Thoughts: I tried it for a week and loved it. Any shampoo and conditioner that smells great applying the product and after is a keeper. This one is my keeper. The smell is great! I also felt my hair was healthier and softer within that week.
Recommend: Yes, great smell and it’s great for your hair.

My overall impression of both collections is that they are both amazing unique collections to try out. Nevertheless, if you are looking to switch up your hair washing routine I would definitely recommend the Beauty-Full Volume and Botanique Collections from TRESemmé.

Let me know in the comments section below what are your favorite TRESemmé products?