Conference Outfits and Must Haves

Hello loves,
Today's post will be about all about attending conferences. Every time I sign up for a conference either for work or for my blog I always have trouble finding what to wear to conferences and yet alone know what to take. So in honor of me attending a couple of conferences in the next couple of months, I decided to share my tips and outfits to have a wonderful conference experience. The conferences I'll be attending in the next couple months are WeAllGrow Latina Summit and other work professional development opportunities. So stay tuned for my Travel Diary series on these conferences that I will be attending.
Outfits Options for Traveling, Day and Night Events

Things to bring:
  • Business cards
    • For networking, connections, collaborations, friendships, follow-up and much more.
  • Portable chargers
    • Take portable chargers at least 3 different ones because you don't want to miss out on something important without our phone. Also, there aren't a lot of electrical outlets in hotels.
  • Cash
    • This something I need to get better at. This is essential to have because when it comes to large group dinners and gatherings it is funny to see how the group is going to figure out how to pay. Plus, not a lot of restaurants or places can split the check 14 different ways or let alone 3 ways. So it always great to have cash so no one goes through that panic on how to pay a large bill. This also works when splitting a ride with Lyft, Uber, or a Taxi. 
  • Credit Card
    • Take it just in case you would like to make random purchases like snacks, items you forgot, gifts and etc. 
  • Pain/Headache Reliever Pills
    • Just in case you get a headache or not feeling so well. 
  • Tide To-Go
    • Just in case your shirt, skirt or pants get hungry. This are lifesavers when it comes to stains and you don't have time to go back to the room to change. 
  • Blotting Sheets
    • I  tend to get oily on my forehead and like to clean the excess oil with these sheets without actually removing my makeup.
  • Hand Sanitizer
    • You will be meeting a lot of people and touching many new things. It is great to have instant germ remover.
  • Pepto-Bismol Chewables
    • Just in case you get an upset stomach with all the different food you will be eating. This helps ease those digestive problems.
  • Phone/Camera Tripod
    • You don't really need it if you don't plan to record any video footage. I like to take it just in case. You just never know plus it's very lightweight. 
  • Your Phone
    • This is very essential. You need it for just about everything from texting, calling, doing the hashtags, selfies, tweets and much more. 
  • Person of Contact at the Conference
    • Use the Buddy system and meet someone who you can come back and reconnect with it throughout the conference.
  • In Case of Emergency 
    • Have Medical ID Section filled out on your Phone.
  • Agenda
    • Know when to expect different workshops, sessions, breakfast, keynotes, lunch, and dinner.
  • Mints
    • Sometimes you will need to get in a little bit closer to talk to a potential friend or connection because it's so loud in the room and you don't want to scare people away with your breath. So my recommendation is to take mints with you everywhere.
  • Gum
    • Same as above. Chew away your food from earlier or simply use it to stay awake in the workshops. It helps especially if you don't drink coffee like me and need something to keep you awake!
Hope you all enjoyed today's blog post on Conference Outfits and Must Haves. Let me know in the section below if you all have any conference must-haves that you must always take.
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