Featured Latina Fridays: Somos Más Que Latinas Cap.1

Hello Loves,

I will be starting an awesome segment here on my blog called Featured Educated Latina Fridays. The main goal of #FELF is to empower Latinas everywhere that education is important and to change the stigma and representation of Latinas in the media.

This segment will feature Latinas from around the world that have gone through different experiences, hardships, struggles throughout their life and have found the importance of pursuing a college education.

This first segment will be about myself and my educational journey so feel free to sit back and learn about my education journey to college.

*All questions will be the same for the following Featured Educated Latina Fridays. All responses are from the person and did not change. *

1) How was the process of applying to college?
The process of applying to college for me was a bit confusing and hard. As a first-generation student and the oldest in my family, I found it hard for me to know what I had to or how. Thankfully, I had help from a pre-college program in my high school that assisted me with me everything.

2) What or who inspired you to attend college?
I think something that inspired me was knowing my cultural background and how much my parents sacrificed migrating to the United States from Mexico. My parents did not have the opportunity to complete their education and always gave my siblings and I everything they could so we can be happy. They also believed that with education many doors of opportunity would arise.

3) How did you pay for college?
I paid for college with financial aid. Thankfully, the FAFSA is a great resource that offers different types of financial aid for college. My financial aid package included federal, state and university grants, scholarships and loans.

4) Describe a memorable experience you had in college?
The most memorable experience I had in college was zip lining across the forest with some of my Orientation Leader co-workers. It was such a scary experience but it was such an amazing feeling coming down and conquering a fear.

5) What did you learn about yourself during college?
One thing I found about myself during college was to trust the process. I know I might sound vague but I went through a lot of uncertainty in classes, friendships and being part of something on campus. This was extremely stressful and I found myself doubting myself and overthinking things a lot. I found myself more relaxed and stress-free through working out and taking long walks to the beach cliffs. I found self-care to be really important in my last year.

6) As a first-generation Latina, what struggles did you grow up with and experienced in college?
As first-generation Latina, I had a lot of different struggles from having financial struggles, family roles, classes and much more. During college, it was extremely difficult to move away from my family and pay for college. I found myself often asking my parents for money for little things, figuring out how to be independent and learning to let go of my parents when they have been so dependent of me. I know that I wasn't struggling at school and I glad I found classmates and friends that were going through as well. We knew the struggle.

7) Any words of advice or tips for first-generation students who are in the path to pursue their higher education dreams?
Some advice that I have for those pursuing a higher education is to work hard and play hard.
Do not settle for less. If you see or hear something you do not like speak up. I know a lot of my classmates that settled for what other people told them to do or study. Study what speaks to you and you enjoy what you are doing, writing or researching.  Also, remember while you feel like the struggle has been forever, remember it is only temporary. Have fun and enjoy college!