Beauty with Cultura: Vive Cosmetics Swatches

Hello Loves,

I am back! It's been a long time coming but I am excited to share with you my new favorite line of lipsticks. Have you heard of @VIVECOSMETICS ? They are a cosmetics brand created by Latinas for Latinas and all Latinx. Vive Cosmetics unites the love for all things beauty and pride for the Latino/a heritage and culture. So, I decided to do a blog post and swatch video to show you all the amazing shades and names they have for their lipsticks. Check out below to see my favorite lippies!

Also, the founders of the Vive Cosmetics are amazing chicas that I met a couple years ago at my first We All Grow in 2016, Leslie and Joanna! Instantly I knew that I had to support my chicas and buy their lipsticks. Check out below my lip swatches for their 10 amazing beautiful lipsticks.

Lastly, additionally on Vive Cosmetics having amazing lipsticks and creating a Latina brand by Latinas for Latinas also remember that if you plan on purchasing any of their lippies they also give back. For every lipstick, they sell they contribute .25 cents to a variety of organizations in the United States, Central, and South America that support young girls and women.

What's your favorite Vive Cosmetics lipstick?