New Year, New Skin with VII T2 Oxygen Eyecream

Hello Loves,

We are thirteen days in into 2018 and I am already working on one of my goals on my vision board. I am a firm of believer manifesting and achieving anything you put your mind to. One of my goals on my vision board is taking care of myself from the inside and out. As a Latina with a light complexion, I have often myself struggling with my dark eye circles and always in search of eye creams that would help me with my dark eye bags. 

For the past three weeks, I have been using this amazing eye cream that I apply every night. The VII T2 Oxygen Eye Cream is a lightweight cream that is in this cute blue packaging and has a crescent shape that you can use to massage your eye area.

This eye cream, VII T2 Oxygen Eye Cream helps with dryness, puffiness, and dark circles. This why I decided to try it because of my dark circles and within a couple of days I started to notice that my dark circles were less dark. :) 

The more I use it, the more it heightens my skin to continuously repair itself and less "tired I looked. Additionally, I noticed that during my days off that I would feel confident being makeup-free and going outside natural. Also, a little goes a long way. 

 I really recommend this eye cream to everyone.

If you are interested in ordering the VII T2 Oxygen Eye Cream, they have FREE shipping within the United States on all purchases and have amazing customer service. If you aren't happy with the product they are willing to replace it or refund you. Check it out!

Comment below if you are already started your 2018 goals, I want to know. :)

*I have received the VII T2 Oxygen Eye Cream as a complimentary gift and in exchange, I wrote my honest review of the product*