Top 5 Places to Visit in Salem, Massachusetts

Hello Loves,

Happy July! Welcome back to today’s post! I am sharing with you my recent travels to the East Coast! I had the pleasure to travel to Boston back in June for a work conference and like always I always sure to the most of my time there so I took a mini quick trip to Salem, the capital of witches.
I will be sharing my top 5 places to go while in Salem and the Instagram worthy locations.

Fun Fact: Everything is walking distance from each other, like a 15-20 minute from each other. So plan accordingly so you aren’t walking in circles.

Make sure you map out everything before going. I used google maps and simply bookmarked and created a Salem category for all the locations that I wanted to go. It came in handy a lot, especially because I was there for a short amount of time.

Bewitched Sculpture

The first place you must check out is the Bewitched Sculpture. This is a must visit place to take a picture with a witch and it is a well-known landmark at Salem as it pays tribute to the Bewitched show. Also, an instagram worthy picture as well.

The Salem Witch Museum 

If you don’t really know the history of witches and Salem this a really spot to learn about it! The museum is more of a learning show for about an hour you will learn about the witch trials through a figure display that has voiceovers. It’s pretty neat and the figures look so real! The second half of your visit you’ll be learning about modern-day witches and their practices, it’s pretty cool stuff! I highly recommend starting your day here!

Additionally: you can visit the Witch House as well, which is the only home left directly tied to the Salem Witch Trials. With your purchase ticket from the Salem Witch Museum, you can get a discount on the entrance fee.

Did someone say Hocus Pocus?

This was one of the reasons why I was excited to go to Salem was because it was home to the Hocus Pocus movie! One of my favorite Halloween movies! I always start watching it in late August! But yes, I went to a couple Hocus Pocus film spots from the movie!

The first place was Allison’s house aka the Ropes Mansion. This is where Allison is having that large party and she is dressed up in a fancy queen gown. The famous line “He likes your yaboos” happens! Max, Dani and Allison leave to explore the Sanderson’s sister’s house. 

The second place is Max and Dani’s house. In the film, you see this as their home. It felt so surreal to be there! I was really excited to visit the Hocus Pocus spots.

The Urban Art Museum

Okay, this place is a hidden gem. I did not know about until looking at the Visit Boston booklets from the Hotel. If you love murals and art, I highly recommend this place. It isn’t your typical museum. It is an outside mural art display. There are so many different beautiful murals that I fell in love with the beautiful artwork in this area of town. If you need Instagram worthy photos this is your spot but make sure to tag the artists!

The House of the Seven Gables

This was the last place I visited on my day of exploration in Salem. This house is based on a book which I haven’t read but Nathaniel Hawthorne was born there. The father of the famous English Literature book, The Scarlet Letter. Even though I did not know anything about this house, it was recommended by everyone on TripAdvisor and it was definitely a great way to end my trip to Salem. I went up a secret doorway, how cool is that! Definitely end your day, the views here are beautiful. 

Even though my visit to Salem was short, I still had a great time exploring and definitely enjoyed everything! I would recommend it and would definitely go again.